New York City Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer

Norway's Master Astrologer Per Henrik Gullfoss

has been Headmaster of the only Astrology School in Norway for the past 20 years.   

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 Per Henrik Gullfoss has been an Astrological Consultant for over 25 years, a popular speaker throughout Scandinavia, and the probably the most respected astrologer in Norway.  His educational background at the University of Oslo included the History of Religion, Sociology and Pedagogy as well as a major in the Science of Theatre.   The author of over 25 books published throughout Scandinavia, his critically acclaimed book "Your Star Sign" was a huge bestseller - second only to Linda Goodman's 'Sun Signs'.   Per Henrik has been the editor for various astrological and alternative magazines.  His book, "The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology" was released in the Spring 2008 as a result of his collaboration with Diana Brownstone.  Diana did the language editing of the book and submitted it to Llewellyn Worldwide.

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        Here are some of the conferences at which Per Henrik has lectured and run workshops:  

  • Ekliptica, Denmark  - The One Major Astrological Association in Denmark/Copenhagen - Two Speaking Engagements

  • Copenhagen Astrological Society - Ten Speaking Engagements

  • Ekliptica, Odense  - Three Speaking Engagements

  • DAF, the other major Astrological Association in Denmark.

  • The Astrological Association in Stockholm - Four Speaking Engagements

  • Urania Trust in London

  • National Council for Geocosmic Research, New York Chapter - Two Speaking Engagements

  • Astrological Society of Princeton New Jersey - Two Speaking Engagements

  • The Annual Astrological Congress by the Norwegian Astrological Association.

  • Eclipticas Congress in Copenhagen.

  • Major Congress for the Astrologers of Stockholm

  • Summer Congress for the Jubileum of the Nordic School of Astrology in Oslo.

  • Norwegian Astrological Association (Norsk Astrologisk Forening).

  • Cosmic Astrology of Southern New Jersey - Two Speaking Engagements/Workshops

        Some popular books Per Henrik has authored:  

You Are Born To Love

Spiritual Astrology

The Adventurous World of Astrology

Sjelens Stjernetegn

Your Star Sign

The Twelve Star Signs

When Stars Meet

Astrology & Energy

The Eye of Odin

Aspects in Astrology

The Big Book of Wisdom

OR: All you need to know about:

Love, sex, work, fear, friend, jewels, relatives,

 games, children, economy, opera, vanity, totem animals,

 literature, holidays, food, wine, hatred, art, jealousy, sounds,

 hygiene, emotions and a lot more...... based on astrology.


Astrological Birthday Book

A series of twelve books about each Star Sign

How To Learn Tarot

Tarot And Intentions Of The Soul                   

Four books in a series called “The Art of…” :

The Art of Being Unuseful

The Art of Building Ones Own God

The Art of Doing Right in a Wrong World

The Art of Really Being Alive


About Per Henrik's Book, "The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology"

Most books about spiritual astrology are connected with Alice Bailey’s concept of Esoteric Astrology.  This astrology is taken from some ideas that were given to Alice Bailey by the “ White Brotherhood” and are often very difficult to apply .  Per's new book has a totally different starting point. It goes right to the essence of spirituality and life. It connects spirituality with common sense and puts it in a context of using this spirituality in everyday life.  It also gives a totally new insight into the development of the soul and finding the soul’s intention, through the horoscope.  The book shows the connection between the ego and the soul, and how they need each other to manifest their purposes and intentions.

            The book also gives some insight into the workings of time, and gives the reader a clear-cut understanding of why astrology is in fact the science of time.  It adds a new dimension to astrology.  This is a dimension that has never before been explained so clearly.  It also delineates a system that makes it so easy not only to understand, but also to use in astrological work with spiritually inclined clients.  

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